We are Oilologists at Heart!

Hello, and thanks for visiting Oilology Essentials.  Our purpose in creating this website is to help connect the thousands of experienced oilologists and those who are just starting with essentials oils with the products that help you better experience your essential oils.  We are avid users of essential oils and believe wholeheartedly in their naturally healing powers and have seen the amazing benefits that they have brought many people around the world.


The Start

Starting out as an oil user I was completely unaware of the products available that would help aid in my overall experience using essential oils.  These products included everything from diffusers, oil blend bottles, carrying cases, atomizing sprayers, utensils, and stainless steel items for consuming oils or even using oils as alternative house hold cleaners. And not to mention some of the questions that come with using oils such as, can I use these in plastics?  Which diffuser is the best? And is a humidifier a save alternative?  I found myself searching for reliable resources (via the web) to help in my quest to find the best products to use with my essential oils.  Finding those resources was fairly easy, but finding reliable resources was the hard part.  I wanted more, more in-depth shared experience.  If I’m going to put money down on a product and in some cases a good chunk of it, I want to know that it will work and function for me for the lifespan of the product. I wanted the best for my money!  So I found myself relying heavily on the experience and recommendations from friends.  And yes they were great resources but everyone has there opinions and others have more in their budget.  I knew there had to be a better way…..

There was a need that wasn’t being meet in the essential oil community.  One where oil users could come a get the latest information on the products that aid in the experiencing of essential oils. We wanted to create a place where the information was  factual and based on experience.  Where we could recommend the best of the best and provide it to our customers at a great price.  Where we test each product new to the oil market, and give each oil user the confidence in knowing they are buying a reliable product at a very affordable price.  Through that conversation in early July we created Oilology Essentials.

What We Do

We strive to provide you with honest unbiased results on all the products we test.  We also are always looking for the best of the best if we test it and it fails we don’t recommend it or sell it.  Every year there are new products available from manufacturers all over the world in the essential oil market.  We look for those products, We purchase them and put them through the ringer making sure they are speced and function as the per the manufacturers listings.  We test them all, from diffusers, amber drams,bags, stainless steel products and more.  We want you to have the confidence in knowing you are purchasing a reliable product.

Our Diffuser Cycle Test

Diffusers are everywhere and come in all different shapes sizes and colors.  From Ebay to Amazon there are thousands.  But which ones are the gems, which ones really work and really are what they say they are.  In comes the Oilology Essentials Cycle Testing.  We put each diffuser through the paces to see if it meets our standards.  Below are just a few of the tests we preform on each diffuser we get.

· 1 week constant ON Test (water refill every eight hours)

· Timer Testing (accuracy)

· Drop test from varying heights 24″ to 36″

· Hard power stop (unplugging and plugin in at random intervals)

· Over fill test

· Under fill test

· and more…

We only recommend the diffusers we would use in our own homes and in most cases we are using them in just about every room. We understand you have budgetary needs and we will always make it our mission to provide you with the best products at a lower cost.  Have confidence in knowing you are buying a reliable product.

We Value Your Experiences

We love hearing from you and about your experiences with the products we offer.  If you have suggestions on a product we should review please feel free to send us a comment and we will happily look in to any suggestions you have. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit our site!


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